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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam : A New Translation III

Film de Yoshiyuki Tomino Drame, action, science-fiction 1 h 35 min 4 mars 2006

Finale de trois films de compilation remixés.

Fansub vu sur Anime-ultime.

Way too compressed, like Lovers. Part of the characters are simplified, loss of drama, some things aren't logical due to previous cuts. Even Zeta Gundam's main point is weakened in this form. The battle is entertaining but it makes for the most of the film (understandable given the format yet indigestible), but not a lot more is to be found.

Plaisir: 2/5 Score: 4/10

A propos de la trilogie:

What I disliked the most in Zeta: the 50% time allocated to mecha skirmishes. What I got in "A New Translation": up to 80% of a movie spent in battles. In the first movie, the blended fight scenes helped the story effectively but it was less the case in the 2nd one and made the third very heavy (giving the impression that "Love is the Pulse of the Stars" was very light in the story department).

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